Business on Instagram. Is it worth it to do and where to start

The average user logs in to Instagram 17 times, and more than 63 percent of users update the feed every day. Due to the fact that Instagram is not just a site, but an application in a smartphone — this allows it to be in second access for the user. The likelihood that the user will not notice the ad unit in this social. Networks are lowest compared to other networks. If you know all the rules, subtleties, where to start and how to develop your business through instagram, it will be an ideal tool to promote your business.


Instagram perfectly copes with such tasks as increasing conversion and increasing brand awareness. It separates business accounts from business accounts. Having a so-called account for business, you have the opportunity to watch statistics and run ads directly from your account to Facebook. Of the minuses, only a small number of filters can be noted to select the desired audience.

First of all, for successful promotion you will need to determine who your customers are and where to look for them. Everything should be determined: in what age group they are, what they are addicted to and what is their average income. In the future, this will help make the targeted advertising of your product the most effective. In order to get the maximum audience loyalty, you need to not only know what they are addicted to, but what they don’t like. It is very important that when buying advertising, order it from those bloggers and communities that they like. So advertising will seem more native. Ordering such an advertisement is not a cheap pleasure, but very effective.

Instagram is based on the visual assimilation of content, on the impressions of people. Therefore, complex products with a long presentation will not sell well in it. But clothes, all kinds of gadgets and accessories, or any other goods that are easy to understand, will go into this network with a bang. The main thing is that the product clings visually, is bright and beautiful. The average Instagram check is about $75.

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On average, the cost of an account for 10,000 subscribers will cost you $ 500. Further, it is already possible to develop an account by collaborating with accounts with an equal number of subscribers and thus increase the audience. No one canceled word of mouth radio, and having at least 10k audience and subject to an attractive visual product, as well as active account management, new buyers will not be long in coming.

This is the most basic thing you need to know if you are interested in Instagram, as a platform for promoting your product.

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