The main features of VR technology

The main features of VR technology are:

  1. Immersive effect
  2. Capabilities for creating panoramic videos
  3. Interactivity

As reported on the site, this is a very promising direction, for such shooting is the present and the future.

The main features of VR technology

Panoramic shooting gives viewers the impression that they are in the thick of things. Created panoramic videos have varying degrees of interactivity — users have the ability to control the viewing angle at their discretion.

Such videos are available for viewing through special applications on mobile phones. The picture changes as soon as the user turns his head. 360-degree video can also be viewed on a computer screen. In this case, the control of the angle is carried out by the keyboard or mouse.

Many companies have adopted new technology. This also applies to firms that organize forums. Panoramic shooting provides them with full illumination, allows you to convey information to people who are very far from the scene.

Live broadcasts from events are popular. If someone was unable to participate in the forum, he can connect to what is happening remotely. Watch what is happening through the smartphone screen. In this case, the person will have the impression that he is present at the event in person. Simultaneous connection of several users is possible.

Panoramic shooting has a whole range of advantages. It eliminates the possibility of missing important details. 360 ° interactive video provides contact with end users. That is why this technology is so widely used.

The use of panoramic photography is recommended for all companies involved in organizing events. The effect of being in the center of events for spectators who are several kilometers away from the forum is guaranteed. This is an effective way to stir up interest in the event, attract the maximum number of participants and observers, thereby making an investment in the future.

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